Why the name – “Tranquil Storm”

Well, thats a long story but in short I am one of those dreamers who want to be a well known writer and I had to choose a second or auxiliary name that I can use for my books! 🙂

That’s a difficult reason to digest. Isn’t it? I can understand. But there is a serious reason why I chose this name. This symbolizes my approach to situations in life. I believe one needs to have both – depth & calm of traquility and strength & power of a storm – to tackle the different situations. Hence, the name Tranquil Storm. I hope this is easier to digest than the previous reason 🙂


2 Responses to “Why the name – “Tranquil Storm””

  1. Nash Says:

    Hi Tranquilstorm,

    Went through your blog. Found it precise, concise and informative.

    I live in miami, Fl and am giving TOEFL Oct – 26th. I gave TOEFLSIM tests and got RC score: 13 and Listening score: 18. I also have other tests (Cambridge and other online tests), and normally score >20. Can you tell me how much difference is between TOEFLSIM and final exam from TOEFL?

    Other question is, in your latest blog, you told to take 2 practice tests before giving final TOEFL. What 2 tests are you referring exactly?

    Please reply. Its imp for me to get your feedback. Hope you understand.

    Thanks a lot.

    – Nash

  2. shubha Says:

    Hi Tranquil storm,

    I am from Bangalore, India applying to a couple of US schools for next year. I would like to speak to you once to get a first hand information about how your experience has been in the US. Can you please drop a mail to/ add in your gtalk list shubhashreeb@gmail.com so that we can have a talk sometime when you are free?


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