Done with TOEFL

I wrote my TOEFL today. Overall I think I did well and expect a good score (110+) however I was greatly disappointed by center’s facility.

There were plastic chairs and keyboards with hard keys. 5 PCs were setup on a single table, which allows complete freedom to cheat if one wants to because all candidates receive same questions of one batch. (TOEFL is not adaptive like GMAT so everyone gets same questions!). Luckily the headphones were not so bad but I was asked to sit in place exactly opposite to an open window which caused lot of reflection and was really hard to read in RC. I could hardly complete it! By the way they didnt even offered pens to candidates. I had to use my own pen (luckily I took 2 with me).

I faced extra questions in Listening but overall the difficulty of questions was not more than what you find in official guide. I think TOEFLSIM tests were more difficult in RC and less comprehensible in listening. Oh I forgot – you really have to speak loudly to make sure your response is recorded properly. Don’t be shy; just shout out loud! Writing was easy (especially after GMAT essays!)

Overall a much easier test compared to GMAT! My advice would be to take 2 practice tests before actual exam and taking lot of notes on lectures/passages during exam. This can help you tremendously. I will post links and other resources for TOEFL on blog later…

I am going back to continue work on my HBS app…

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4 Responses to “Done with TOEFL”

  1. Nash Says:

    Hi Tranquilstorm,

    Went through your blog. Found it precise, concise and informative.

    I live in miami, Fl and am giving TOEFL Oct – 26th. I gave TOEFLSIM tests and got RC score: 13 and Listening score: 18. I also have other tests (Cambridge and other online tests), and normally score >20. Can you tell me how much difference is between TOEFLSIM and final exam from TOEFL?

    Other question is, in your latest blog, you told to take 2 practice tests before giving final TOEFL. What 2 tests are you referring exactly?

    Please reply. Its imp for me to get your feedback. Hope you understand.

    Thanks a lot.

    – Nash

  2. Nash Says:

    Hi Tranquilstorm,

    I sent you a query about TOEFL. Please reply me at



  3. tranquilstorm Says:

    Hi Nash,
    I havent received any email from you. I will be glad to be of any help. Just let me know.

  4. MM Says:

    Hi TS,

    Could you please post the list of resources / websites that you referred while preparing for TOEFL?


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