My TOEFL is scheduled in 10 days and I had started with TOEFL prep with ETS book around a week back. I gave my first Kaplan Test with many interruptions and didn’t do that bad. But somehow I am not feeling satisfied with my preparations. That could be because we work so hard on GMAT that your PREP for TOEFL looks incomplete even though you are almost ready.

I am trying to find out some more listening section and speaking section practice questions. Found out Kaplan book and will go through its audio section CD for better prep. Found out CDs for Cambridge also but haven’t been able to locate corresponding Cambridge book so the CDs are of no use right now. If anybody reading this has it please forward the link of that treasure to this beggar!!

It was really awkward to speak and record your own voice while practicing but I feel much comfortable with it now. I guess my inherent nature of summarizing and opinionating helps me to talk about anything on various questions. But I need to be more clear and consistent in speech. I am praying that I don’t get cold and cough around my TOEFL days!

Well, once I am done with my TOEFL I will post some links for TOEFL resources till then keep doing the best in whatever you’re doing.

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One Response to “TOEFL Preps”

  1. bobby Says:

    please send me some useful toefl links. at the same time send me the materials which u possess…thank u

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