AWA Issue – Selfish Action

I wrote this almost 3 weeks before GMAT.

Human nature detects that every action, no matter how selfless it appears, is inspired by a selfish reason. 

The author states that every action is inspired by a selfish reason, no matter how selfless it appears and he suggests that it’s human nature to act selfishly. However, in my opinion not every human action can be termed selfish just because it’s one’s natural tendency to think about oneself almost all the time. 

There are several examples of servants of mankind which can sufficiently suggest that they sacrificed themselves for others. One such example is of Mother Teresa. At a very young age, she chose to be a nun and decided to dedicate her life to mankind. She went to India, an underdeveloped country in those days, and spent her whole life serving people with frightening diseases. When others were running away from such people because of fear of contagious disease she chose to treat them by staying with them. Would the author be able to justify her efforts and actions over the year as selfish? What did she get out of those efforts for herself? Her actions were selfless and inspiring for many others, at the least. 

Another example could be those countless soldiers on the front, especially those who work for United Nations. These soldiers have to go to mostly political unstable countries as a part of peacekeeping army and often have to sacrifice their life at the hand of mindless local strugglers. These soldiers are not fighting for themselves. They are not fighting for their country also. They are fighting for peace. They don’t get much out of this. Would the author term these actions selfish? 

In my opinion, one can also not term the actions selfish if those actions are basic need of human nature to live; especially if those actions are not aimed at harming others. To breathe is a necessity for a human being. It will not be logical if the author calls this as a selfish action. However, if the actions are aimed gaining something out a situation at the cost of others then they could be examples of selfish. 

In conclusion, as supported by two examples above not every action is inspired by a selfish reason. Not every actions done out of a need is a selfish action. So the author’s opinion is not valid for all circumstances and situations.


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