GMAT Debrief

I again missed to keep my promise! I got busy in celebrating some success and in catching up some sleep after my GMAT on 16th Aug in which I ended up getting 750(Q49,V44)

Here’s my G-day experience:
I reached test center exactly 30 minutes early fearing that I might be late for the check in procedures. But after reaching center I found out that center had some technical issues and it will take at least another 1 hour before I can take test. The instructor told me not to get panic and stay calm. I said yeah that’s the last thing I wanted to hear.
After 1 hour, I was allowed to sit in front of the monitor. And then I figured that the monitor had problem so I asked the instructor to change. It took another 15 minutes. So almost after 75 minutes I reached center I actually saw the GMAT screens. I used school selection screens to test the erasable marker and notepad. I have heard a few things about the quality of them so I wanted to make sure I have the good ones!
I had pre-designed templates for my essays (will share on request) so I was quite confident about this part. I had an argument related to supporting to take some actions based on a poll result. This has been my favorite type of argument so I went after it. For next 30 minutes my world was only this argument! This was followed by an issue. It was something like – “It is individual’s responsibility to preserve natural environment – not that of government”. Again pre-designed template helped.
I raised my hand and took “long” 8 minutes break. I had taken lemon water with me for some energy so took some sips from it. I went to restroom, washed my face and told myself to concentrate on one question at a time in quant.
Started quant and first question was of number property, something that can stump anyone if he’s overconfident. Again I tried to follow a strategy that I decided and followed in last few tests. I saw few hard questions mixed with really tough DS. I had 2 consecutive probability questions in last 7. I finished quant with 15 seconds to score. I had observed previously that I make too many mistakes in an attempt to complete the quant well in time so I wanted to make sure I use every second. Overall I had a feeling that I can get at least 49 (that’s what I got in my last GMAT prep)
Again, took that “long” 8 minutes break J I recalled SRK’s dialogue (“Sattara minute hai tumhare pass”) from Chak De. That has been my motivation since last 2 weeks. I told myself that if I do well in next 75 minutes, I will be able to achieve bigger dreams.
I just went with full force in verbal. It started with SC, followed by a couple of CR and a monstrous RC (some 4-5 paragraphs long). Again I had a strategy on how I would tackle a first few questions. So I didn’t panic even though I took more than 2 minutes per question for first 10. But I noticed that the questions were increasingly getting difficult. I got another RC around 13 th question, again 4 paragraphs long.
Now I started getting SC with whole sentence underlined and CR with complete the sentence. By 23 rd question I had a feeling that I was doing well and as I wanted to accelerate the pace I got another 5 paragraphs long RC. I don’t remember much about the questions from 27 th to 31st but I had 17 minutes and 10 questions left (including one RC). I was praying that I get a short RC and that’s what I got. Only 2 paragraphs but phew all 4 questions were inference questions. Now I had 10 minutes and 6 questions left and around that time only my fellow test take completed his test, so instructor came and they started talking. The ear plugs that I requested at the start of test really helped. I tried hard to concentrate to do well on last 5-6 questions. I finished verbal with 5 seconds to spare. But I never felt rushed through the section.
Now I started filling the BIQs and was taking my time. My instructor came and told me he was getting late(!!). It was around 7:15 pm and he had to go. So in a real hurry I clicked next 8 times and then the screen asked whether I want to report the score. I asked myself – “Do I have an option?” J I clicked yes (my instructor told me best of luck by coming near to my ear) and here I got the score 750. I said yes and gave a high five to instructor and even he reciprocated! I guess even he enjoyed it.
I was a relaxed soul after 5 months. I decided to take GMAT first in Feb. Started gathering material in Feb and March and joined two groups  – prachi_pareekh_gmat@yahoogroups and GMAT_May2007@googlegroups. By April I was preparing for exam by spending more than 1-2 hours everyday. I work for an MNC and am in a managerial position which eats out a lot of time. Basically leaving for office around 10 am and coming back by 11:30pm.  For many days I just went through the emails of these groups when I couldn’t read. If these groups were not around, I would not have got the motivation to slog day in day out. I sincerely owe a majority of whatever success I achieved in GMAT to these groups. There are great contributors like Prachi, Shobhit, Amit, Arora, Sarah, Avinash, Nobendu, Nimesh, etc… and many others whose names I can’t remember now. 
I have committed myself to contribute more with any queries related GMAT materials, questions & answers, tricks, or anything that I can help you with. I will follow up with post related to my essay templates, test strategies, material I used.
Thanks again for your patience to read through the long post.
Best of luck to all, who are still preparing for GMAT. Remember “Sattara minute hai tumhare pass”.

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