GMAT AWA Argument Template

I have received several emails requesting AWA template. Here’s my AWA argument template. [Also check out GMAT AWA Issue template]

Author’s argument that … is weak; it rests on many assumptions and fails to substantiate sustainable evidences. The argument assumes that – point 1 of paragraph 1 –. The argument doesn’t justify that (weak evidence)… In the following paragraphs, I shall present these assumptions and weak evidences that weaken the argument along with the additional premises which can strengthen the argument.

First, the argument… present your first point. Follow it by example. DO NOT REPEAT THE ARGUMENT STATEMENT.

In addition, present your second point. Again, don’t repeat the argument statement.

Furthermore, the statement implies that… third point (a weak evidence).

However, author’s argument can be strengthened if it’s shown that… Present at least 2 additional premises that can help to bolster its claim. You can use points like (1), (2). This shows that you are more organized.[You can write the following paragraph without even thinking what the argument is about!]

To sum up, as cited in aforementioned paragraphs, the argument lacks solid evidences and depends upon weak assumptions. Unless its claims are strengthened by additional premises, such as the ones mentioned in previous paragraph, it does not appear credible. Therefore, the argument is weak for serious consideration.

I am sure this is not the best of the templates but I believe that following this structure shows that you are organized and will keep you away from any AWA fears.


5 Responses to “GMAT AWA Argument Template”

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  2. Jenny Lee Says:

    Thanks a bunch for posting. I also found this AWA essay template helpful. Your blog is great!!

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