GMAT 750 (Q49,V44) – Overcame the first hurdle to B School Dream

Hey folks,

I wrote my GMAT today (Aug 16 2007) and got a 750 (Q49,V44). I would definitely like to post my debrief and share experience to all others who are in the same boat. But I am already feeling sleepy so I have to postpone this till tomorrow.

Updates: Following are my blog posts on my overall GMAT strategy. I hope you find them useful.

GMAT 750 Debrief

GMAT Verbal Sections Tips

GMAT Quant Section Tips

GMAT Time Management Strategy

Why you need to do well on last few questions on GMAT

GMAT AWA Argument Template

GMAT AWA Issue Template


3 Responses to “GMAT 750 (Q49,V44) – Overcame the first hurdle to B School Dream”

  1. Geetu Says:

    welcome to the world of apping 😉

  2. quick divorce Says:

    simply an awesome debrief.. Thanks!!

  3. islandboy Says:

    TS. great GMAT debrief. ive been scouring the internet and books for weeks now, and the fact that finding your website actually adds new insightful advice speaks volumes. thanks a lot.

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